Ozone lança novidade: Headset Range ST - várias cores

Rage ST has come to exceed your expectations about stereo headphones. A stunning and exclusive design combined with awesome ergonomics that will make you feel confortable in every situation even after hours of use.

Want it to be personal? Then choose among the five different looks.
Featuring a premium stereo sound specifically optimized for gaming but with a great performance for music and movies. Thanks to its detachable microphone you can take the look out to the streets using it with your phone or any other audio device.

"Unleash the Fury" with Ozone Rage.

Light weight: Comfort is a top priority when you use your headphones for long gaming sessions, and this is where the Rage ST/WT lightweight design comes into play. Even after hours of continuous use, RAGE won’t start to feel heavy.

Headset Range ST - várias cores

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